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My stories are all heartwarming, clean/sweet, community based romance books.

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Dropped March 1, 2019

Seeking: Maiden Queen – The Seeking Series – Book 2

Princess Stefana of Montequirst has one fear: being forced to marry a man she did not choose. So when she’s kidnapped by an insane neighboring king who intends to constrain her to do exactly that, she begins to rethink the entire princess thing.

Lajos the Swift, Aasguard warrior, and Stefana’s bodyguard, has set plenty of safeguards in place to protect her. But he’s starting to question his motives. After she’s kidnapped, he sets off with Montequirst’s clumsy dragon to retrieve her.

No one expects the consequences of this successful rescue. Soon Stefana and Lajos’ control of their lives are abruptly torn from their grasps. They are thrust into a life neither envisioned, but that they must accept, or others will die.

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Available as of Oct 5, 18!

 Baking with Nerds – The Morrison Family Series – Book 13

Baking with Nerds is Ainsley Morrison and that cranky former Marine, Brett Bentwater’s book. Brett is honorably discharged from the military—a fate worse than death—due to a PTSD diagnosis. He’s returned to civilian life with some major baggage. Meanwhile Ainsley, with the aid of her cousin, is suddenly thrust into opening a much needed coffeehouse in town. With his baggage and her new business they don’t have time to fall in love. Or do they?

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